#21 Balázs Benjamin
Birthday 1990. 04. 26.

General Information - Advertisements


Advertising platforms


  1. Perimeter LED display
  2. Scoreboard
  3. Ad signs
  4. Additional platforms


Perimeter LED display:

The LED display system, covering more than 140 meters around the playing field, provides premium advertising opportunities for sponsors. The display units form a „U” shape around the pitch ensuring that ads are shown by the cameras during televised matches.  


LED scoreboard:

The big LED scoreboard is another great platform for sponsored messages as it is ideal for displaying videos and commercials before kick-off and during half-time.

Ad signs:

More than 100 meters of advertising signs are available in the stadium creating a purple & white frame around the pitch. The logos and messages of sponsors are visible throughout every home game.  


Additional platforms:

Many more ad platforms are available inside the stadium during matchdays, including concession stands, VIP screens, and branded Skyboxes.

For more information contact us at marketing@ujpestfc.hu.




#21 Balázs Benjamin