#26 Nagy Dániel
Birthday 1991. 03. 15.

Újpest FC - DVSC
Szusza Ferenc Stadion, 2019. April 27. 17:00

Szusza Ferenc Stadion
2019. April 27. 17:00

General Information - Advertisements

Outdoor advertising

  1. Rotating board
  2. Fixed boards
  3. Giant ad surfaces
  4. Advertising on the benches
  5. Ads at the ticket offices
  6. Display on the press (sponsor) wall
  7. Other surfaces (fences between sectors, press area)


Rotating board

The board system is opposite the camera stand in a U-shape around the field of play. Thanks to its rotating operation, it has a constant effect as it directs the attention of the TV viewers and the spectators to the ad surface.

Board size: height: 1 m, length: 3 m
Number of boards: 66 pieces
Total surface area: 198 m

Fixed boards

Can be placed at any location in the stadium. Permanent display of the product, service or company advertisement for the whole duration of the match.

It is either canvas or a board made of metal.

The fixed ad boards on the main broadcast side are next to the cameras:

  1. longitudinal placement on the surface of the press box with text of your choice,
  2. on the fence between the tribune and the sector


Giant ad surfaces

On the side facing the camera, 2 boards, height: 2 m, length, 48 m.

  1. On the side facing the camera, 2 boards, height: 2 m, length, 24 m.
  2. A giant canvas stretched beside the score board (e.g. 5 x 5 m)
  3. A place for advertisement under and above the score board, height: 1 m, width: 9,25 m.


Advertising on the benches

The bench has always a central position in live broadcasts as TV channels show the coaches with the help of hand-held cameras.

  1. It is possible to advertise both on the inner and outer surface of the plexiglass cover of the benches.
  2. Advertising on the upper edge of the bench-front is possible in 15 cm height and 13 m length.


Ads at the ticket offices

A total of 12 ticket offices operate on Megyeri Road, which is busy even on weekdays, and in Mildenberger Str. on match days.

Contact: marketing@ujpestfc.hu




#26 Nagy Dániel