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2021. december 12. 13:30

2021. december 12. 13:30


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This was the first Family Day and Recruitment!
2021. szeptember 20. - ujpestfc.hu
Tábor street was full of fun and children on Sunday

After weeks of preparation and organisation, 19th September was finally here. For the first time ever, our club organised a family event and a playful recruitment at the same time, so that the children present could participate in a physical fitness test and fun activities at the same time. Those who wanted to take part in the recruitment had to arrive early at the Újpest Football Sports Centre, because the testing started at 9 am after registration. The children were able to do this in 3 different groups, and prove their skills with tasks appropriate to their age group.

After the assessment, in which parents were not yet allowed to participate, the much anticipated raffle draw was held, provided by our host, Péter Kabát's "lucky hand", and among the many relics from Újpest, one lucky family won a spa ticket to Aquaworld, and as a grand prize, the luckiest parents can spend two nights at the Park Inn Hotel. Now that the families were together again, it was time for a fun activity programme for everyone, which guaranteed a lot of fun and of course, some challenges.

After the parents had shown what they could do, Peter Kabat tried to beat more than 50 “aspiring young players” with a little help, but let him tell you about this adventure and the family day:

"Frankly speaking, I was very happy that we could make this Family Day with the recruitment and that I could be the one to host it, as it has never been done before here in Tábor utca. Many parents and children came. Although I may not have seen everyone, I noticed 4-5 kids with promising abilities, they were very good with the ball, very skilful. So I hope that more and more events like this will happen, that more and more kids will choose Újpest FC. I really enjoyed all the activities, but I had a lot of fun playing football on the full-size pitch, and from what I saw, also the kids enjoyed it very much too. The weather was clement to us and the organisation went smoothly, so I would like to thank all my colleagues who were involved in any way, and last but not least the parents and children who came to the event."

What was the hardest thing to do when 50 kids were charging at you?

"I think the highlight of the day was definitely this "production", when we tried to overcome the “army of children” with the help of my three aces (Dávid Banai, Mátyás Katona, Nikola Mitrovic)."

And the most difficult one?

When I stopped and put my foot on the ball, the first 5 kids couldn't kick it, and the next 5 weren't even aiming for the ball, but straight for my ankle. (laughs) And when I was lying inside the box and we were awarded a penalty, then 20-25 of them jumped on me and Bana even helped them, he put the little ones on me. It hurt a little, but I could laugh about it. In the end we lost 4 or 5-2, but of course it wasn't the result that was important, it was the game and the fun."

After the "final whistle" our aces signed their autographs, the luckiest children even got a shirt, and this was the end of this great Family Day!





#49 Pauljevic Branko