#49 Pauljevic Branko
Születési idő 1989. 06. 12.

Újpest FC - Paksi FC
2021. december 12. 13:30

2021. december 12. 13:30


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No variation on the decision of the Appeal Committee!
2021. október 1. - ujpestfc.hu
The three-match ban remained unchanged for our player.

As previously reported, on Tuesday afternoon the Appeal Committee of the Hungarian Football Federation held a hearing and a retrial of our footballer Branko Pauljevic.

The hearing lasted until half past six in the evening, but the decision has not yet been received, as the Committee has 8 days to put the decision in writing.

However, according to the verdict delivered on the spot, Pauljevic's movement was classified as a hit because "he was not holding his hand in a natural position". For this reason, it was categorised as rough play and no change was made to this classification, so the minimum penalty of a three-match ban remained in force.

The MLSZ Disciplinary Committee also met on Tuesday, and in the case of Diaby, who was sent off in the derby, they found a one-match ban to be the appropriate punishment, so neither of them will be available for the weekend for head coach Michael Oenning.       




#49 Pauljevic Branko