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Bozsik Stadion, 2018. április 21. 17:00

Bozsik Stadion
2018. április 21. 17:00

József Windecker: We will start the year two good matches
2017. január 9. - ujpestfc.hu
We talked with our midfielder after the first training about the preparation, the training camp, the Hungarian Cup, furthermore about his shape.

“First thing first I wish happy new year all of our fans. I have been waiting for the trainings, to meet with my teammates. I did all of the tasks, which was made by our fitness trainer, I feel myself good. During the first tests there were only physical tests for us, I do not know what will be during the second training but this week we prepare ourselves with two trainings for the season.

I think it is good for us to have a training camp in Cyprus, we will have really good friendly matches there.

The Hungarian Cup and the first championship game will be also really important for us, therefore we will start the year two good matches.

I think with our game style everything is good, but we have problems with the results, I think if we can improve ourselves from this point of view, in that case the results will be good also.”




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