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Our Old boys team did not achieve good result at the tournament of the weekend
2017. január 10. - ujpestfc.hu
Our previous excellent footballers’ trainer mentioned the reasons to us.

“Unfortunately, this tournament was not so good as we expected” – starts his evaluation Imre Ambrus. “We travelled to Salgótarján with the hope and faith that our opponents have only previous big pitch related players because that was the normal in every year. We surprised after our arrival because more of the teams had national team related futsal players who train themselves weekly. Our team’s average age was 50 years, which was 15-20 years above the average age of the other teams at the tournament. The organizers accepted that they made a mistake regarding the unequal situation and we believe that they will correct it next year. The host and the tournament were comfortable and the mood was good therefore we promised that we will back next year. I would like to say thank you those fans who escorted the team and supported us on the spot.”

Our Old boys team’s results of the XXV. Jubilee International Gabora Gala:

Újpest FC - Debrecen: 1 - 3

Lázár Lovaspark - Újpest FC: 3 - 1

Újpest FC - Dunaszerdahely: 1 - 5

We also asked about the Old boys team programs regarding the next weeks, Imre Ambrus told us the following answer: “This moment we do not have any other tournament invitation, we prepare ourselves for the spring championship, where if we focus on appropriately, we can achieve our goals, which were settled at the beginning of the year.”




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