#23 Banai Dávid
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Újpest FC - Puskás Akadémia FC
2020. február 29. 17:00

2020. február 29. 17:00

Vignjevic Nebojsa: “There will be a very important game at the weekend”
2017. február 23. - ujpestfc.hu
Our head coach shared his thoughts with us in connection the game against Haladás.

“I expect a really tough game, against Haladás is never easy. Our last game on Saturday was not successful as we planned, but we will play still aggressively and we will focus on still our own game style. There will be a very important game at the weekend, we definitely need the three points, because we want to follow the teams, which are fighting for the first three places, because our aim is still to play in the European international league.

Bardhi Enis won’t be a member of the travelling squad, because he got rest to catch his top form for the next week for the Derby against Ferencváros.”

Our match will be on Saturday at 15.30 against Swietelsky Haladás of the 21st round of the championship in Sopron. Regarding the game, you can find ticket sales related information on the following LINK.




#23 Banai Dávid