#49 Pauljevic Branko
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Újpest FC - Puskás Akadémia FC
2020. február 29. 17:00

2020. február 29. 17:00

Here comes the 118th Újpest – Haladás championship game
2017. február 24. - ujpestfc.hu
We won 69 times from the previous 117 games, there were 30 draw and Haladás won 18 times.

The first game between us, the premier was in 1936, after team Haladás qualified itself to the first division of the national championship. The match was on 25th of October when we won 7-1 against them thanks to Zsengellér (4), Vincze (2) and Kállai’s scores at Megyeri út.

Haladás acquired its first point against us on 26th of October, 1939 (those game final result was 2-2 at Megyeri út) and they could win against us on 20th of December, 1948 in Újpest with the final result 2-1.

During its history Haladás suffered some serious losses in Újpest. One of our most memorable success was on 25th of September, 1974 against the team from Szombathely. Ferenc Bene (4), József Horváth (2), Ede III Dunai and László Fazekas scored goals on that game and we won 8-0.

Our bad series was ended against Haladás on 26th of July, 2014 when we won 1-0 in Szombathely against them. Before that game we could not win during five championship games against the green-white guys from County Vas.

In the 2014/2015 season we played our third game against Haladás. As we mentioned before the previous game brought Újpest success, we won 1-0 thanks to Suljic Asmir’s score at away and after that we won on 24th of September, 2014 at the Hungarian Cup’s third round 2-0 at home thanks to Vasiljevic Dusan’s two goals. Haladás had a trainer change, now Géza Mészöly is the head coach there, who was our trainer between 2004 and 2006 and between 2010 and 2011. Haladás’s head coach was Lázár Szentes one season earlier, who was also a head coach at Újpest between 2008 and 2009.

Two seasons earlier we met them on 29th of November, 2014 in the 16th round of the championship at Szusza Ferenc Stadium. In the 57th minutes Martin Zsirai got red card therefore we could play with player advantage and thanks to that Filip Stanisavljevic scored the first goal in the game, which was also the last score on the match. Bardhi Enis from our team also got a red card in the 85th minutes but after that Haladás could not exploit this.

In the last season our first game against them was in the 6th round. During that game there were not any goals, which was happened before last time in 2003.

The second championship game against Haladás we could score three goals at Szombathely. Our scorers were: Hazard (9’), Litauszki (30’) and Diagne (60’).

On the third game in the previous season there was again point sharing. The match was in Sopron, where Williams scored the first goal from Haladás in the 11th minutes for the “home” team. The equalized goal came in the 30th minutes thanks to László Lencse. There were not more goals during the remaining 60 minutes.

We played our first championship game against Haladás during this season last September. The match started well for us because team from Szombathely scored an own goal in 18th minute. We could keep our advantage during the 61st minute, when Wils Stef scored a goal to us. There were not more goals at the game, therefore we shared the points.




#49 Pauljevic Branko