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Újpest FC - DVTK

Szusza Ferenc Stadion, 2018. április 28. 17:00

Szusza Ferenc Stadion
2018. április 28. 17:00

Our young players did their job well in Telki also
2017. március 17. - ujpestfc.hu
We talked our young titans before the Friday program.

Bence Pávkovics started the statements in the camp: “I feel great, the atmosphere is excellent, there are a lot of common program with the big team, which makes me happy. Besides the eating, we will meet with them on the pitch to play a training match today, which will take 2x30 minutes. But we also met with them during the Championship League and EL matches, when we watched these games and supported our favorite together.

We did a lot of work here, there were tests, where they measured our stamina and other factors, we dealt a lot with technical things on the trainings, but we did not focus on the tactic until yet.”

“I cannot complain about the camp, I am satisfied with everything” – told us Kristóf Szűcs. “Today we will have tough trainings, tomorrow they will tell us the news, which can make our weekend much better.”

“Unfortunately, I suffered a smaller calf injury during the derby against Honvéd, therefore for me the national team related program started yesterday. Besides that, I feel good and I am excited about the Saturday, when they will tell us the news regarding the final selection” – closed his thoughts our tough back, Ákos Kecskés.

Patrik Tóth left the camp on Monday because of his injury.
On Saturday will be the final selection for the team, who gets his invitation, those player has to go back to Telki on Monday to travel with the national team to Greece.




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