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We announce from Telki
2017. március 17. - ujpestfc.hu
We asked Dávid Kis-Kálnoki about the national team related training camp.

Our number 4th back travelled to Telki on Sunday to participate at the widened national eleven preparation with Bernd Storck’s lead. We asked our footballer between two trainings.

How do you feel yourself in Telki?

Thank you very much, I am good, the program was crowded because on Saturday we played against Honvéd, on Sunday started the life here also. From that perspective, there is a continuity, because my roommate is Márton Eppel, who is striker at team from Kispest.

The atmosphere is excellent by the way at the camp, I am good with everybody, I do not have any reason to complain.

What did you do during past days?

There were a lot of different thing, general training, spinning, tasks with weights, stamina exercises, therefore we really gained our time here.

How can you talk with your family from the camp?

We talked a lot on phone and occasionally we spoke each other on Skype, which helped me a lot, when we cannot be together. At the weekend, we can travel to home to visit our family and if everything is going to be alright and according to my plans in that case they call me back to Telki, to the narrowed national team.

We are with you David, and we support you to achieve your goals!




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