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Mijuško Bojović: “We work hard”
2017. június 16. - ujpestfc.hu
We talked with our new back at the end of his first week.

The first busy week is almost over, how do you feel yourself?

Yes, we trained a lot until today and as I thought this is a very organized club and the trainings are professional. We work hard but this is a normal thing during this part of the preparation. We will play soon, which will be interesting for everyone, because the team is mixed, there are new players and footballers, who are here since a while.

I think that you mention the training camp, where we will play three games. What do you expect from these games?

The professional staff will do everything to make a good team during this time. We will see, what is going to be there, I expect that we will better game to game.

Now, you are a lot with each other, could you know better the others from the team?

You cannot accelerate this process, it is a slow one, step by step. I try to talk everyday with new people and it is big support for me, that a couple of my teammates came from the Balkan, because we can talk easily with each other. Besides that, the therapists help a lot regarding the integration. I think, I will have a lot of friends at the club.

If I am correct, you are here for the first time at Budapest, how do you like the city?

I do not have time to walk around the city because now we focus on the trainings day to day, but after this busy period I would like to see the city.




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