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New stadium consecration by our second team
2017. július 11. - ujpestfc.hu
Karcag FC (Jász-Nagykun-Szolonok County League 1) has a new stadium, and our club invited to play the very first match on it.

The ceremonial opening started at 17:00 at july 10th, then the teams played a two 25 minute half long friendly game. The attendance of the match was supierior, the local supporters of Karcag, and the Újpest fans filled all of the seats in the new stadium.

Since our first team are preparing for the 15th july season start, many youth player from the U19 had the opportunity to show themselves front of bigger audience. At the end of the ceremonial match we scored 8 goals, as a final result.

Újpest line up: Ritzl Bence, Hajnal Balázs, Kálnoki-Kis Dávid, Pávkovics Bence, Orbán Patrik, Gere Zoltán, Cseke Benjámin, Nemes Ádám, Németh Kristóf, Viktor Angelov, Németh Gergő, Horváth Róbert, Annus Árpád, Kubanek Richárd, Németh Árpád, Alassane Diallo

Goals: Gere Zoltán, Viktor Angelov, Hajnal Balázs, Németh Árpád, Annus Árpád (2X), Orbán Patrik, Németh Gergő

After the match, Bence Pávkovics gave us a quick interview: „This was a very important event, we are honoured and very greatful for the invite of Karcag, because it’s always a delightful feeling to be part of a new stadium consecration.”




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