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Budapest Honvéd - Újpest FC

Bozsik Stadion, 2018. április 21. 17:00

Bozsik Stadion
2018. április 21. 17:00

Here comes the 25th Paks-Újpest championship game
2017. július 14. - ujpestfc.hu
During the previous 24 matches our team acquired 6 victories, 7 draw and 11 losses against Paks.

The team of “the city of nuclear power” qualified itself to the first league in 2006/2007. Our first game was on 30 of September 2006 in Paks, where we could achieve a draw with a 1-1 final result. Our goalkeeper, Szabolcs Balajcza supported our team in the 14th minute, when he saved a penalty.

The two teams played their second championship game on 9 of April 2007, on Monday at Szusza Ferenc Stadium. Újpest FC won the game 3-2 thanks to Tamás Vaskó two, and Tibor Tisza one score. Tibor Heffler scored two goals at the quest team.

In the 2007/2008 season we won 3-1 at home, but we lost the second game against them during the spring season 2-0 at Paks.

In the first half of the 2008/2009 season during our fifth duel team Paks scared us, because they scored the first goal thanks to Tamás Kiss in the 52ndminute. After that during 25 minutes we could equalize the game and after that we won the game with the final result 3-1. Péter Kabát scored two goals at this match and Zsolt Korcsmár scored also a goal on that game.

Unfortunately the 6th and the 7th game we did not have luck. We lost those games 3-1 and 1-0.

On the 8th game on 24 of April, 2010 we won 3-2 against the team from Tolna County, but we could not achieve a victory against them after this aforementioned win; furthermore we lost the next four games against Paksi FC. In the 2010/2011 season we lost two games against them, the first defeat was at Szusza Ferenc Stadium with a final result 3-2 and the second defeat was at Paks with a final result 2-1. On the game in Paks Bence Lázár scored our goal.

In the 2011/2012 season we could not score a goal against them. We lost at home and also at Paks with the same final result: 2-0.

In the 2012/2013 season in the third round thanks to Mohamed Remili and Zaris Yadin scores we could acquire at least 1 point in Paks.

After that the rematch results a serious defeat, János Lázok scored four goals to us, and MVM Paks achieved six goals during that game.

In the next season we played our first game in July with the team from Tolna County. We scored the first goal, thanks to Péter Kabát’s penalty in the 42ndminute, but after that Tamás Báló from Paks equalized the result in the 60th minute. The extra time brought the third goal, in the 93rd minute Mihajlovic made a fault from our team and the referee gave a penalty to Paks. Attila Simon exploited the penalty; therefore Paksi FC won the game.

In the 2013/2014 season we could win against them during November and gave them a payback because of the previous defeat, which was at our home. The game did not start very well for us; in the 9th minute Könyves scored the first goal from Paks, after that Tshibuabua equalized the game in the 22nd minute. Barta scored another goal 10 minutes later; therefore Paks led against us (2-1). In the second half our team started to score goals. Nego scored a goal in the 56th minute and Vasiljevic scored another goal in the 62nd minute. Bence Lázár scored the last goal of the game in the 65thminute; therefore we won 4-2 against Paks at away.

In the 2014/2015 season the teams started their battle in Paks. That match’s result was 0-0.

The rematch was in March. The game did not start very well for us; the team from Tolna County achieved two goals advantage after 30 minutes. Bardhi scored our first score in the extra time of the first half and we hoped that was not our only goal in that match. In the second half unfortunately we could not score a goal, but we tried a lot and Paks also could not score another goal; therefore they won 3-2 against us.

We played the first game against Paks in the 2015/2016 season. Our team controlled a game and we possessed the ball more, but we could not exploit our opportunities in the hot weather. The final result was 0-0.

The rematch brought only one goal, which was scored by Bertus in the 70th minute; therefore Paks could keep the three points at home against us.

During the third duel Hahn scored the first goal against us in the 18th minute at Megyeri road. After their one goal advantage our team could equalize the result in the 91st minute. Windecker scored our goal in the extra time.

At the last season the first championship match was at Illovszky Rudolf Stadium on 30th of July, where we could win against them 1-0 thanks to János Lázok’s headed score in the 11th minute.

The rematch was arranged on October 29th.  Balázs Benjámin scored in the 9th minute. A goal advantage lasted for 90 minutes only until the end of the match. In the 88th minute, Dénes Szakály scored, so the game ended with a draw.

On April 8, 2017, we played at home with 1568 supporters. In the middle of the first half, Benjámin Balázs pushed János Szabó inside the hatchery. Laszlo Bartha exploited the penalty to us in the 23rd minute. In the 65th minute came the home side's equalizer goal, David Mohl's header was shot by Jonathan Heris into the net.






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