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An intense battle for the starting midfield position
2017. augusztus 8. - ujpestfc.hu
Benjámin Cseke stepped on the pitch for the first time in the 4th round along this football season, and he immediately earned 90 minutes of play from our Head Coach during the derby against Vasas.

Towards the end of the last season your position on the pitch was getting more and more fixed, however, this season you did not receive any opportunities during the first three matchdays. What could be some of the reasons for this?

It is getting harder to be part of the starting eleven, especially in my position on the pitch. Five of us are competing for the position of defensive midfielder, from which three of us make it to the squad list, and then two of us get to be part of the starting eleven. During the matches of the pre-season our Head Coach opted for the Bojan Sankovic-József Windecker duo to start the games, and it was so during the last three rounds of the league. Since our native Croatian player suffered an injury during the clash against Videoton, it was my turn to seize the opportunity and give my best as part of the starting eleven.

What were your experiences regarding the clash against Vasas?

I felt great on the pitch. I have been really missing the spark that drives you these times. I was glad that I had the chance to stay on the pitch until the final whistle, I feel that I have gained the necessary match routine.

Our next fixture is not going to be a walk in the park either, what do you expect from our match on Saturday?

Vasas and Honvéd are both good teams, in this sense there is no difference between them. We have defeated the team that finished third last season, this weekend we are visiting the reigning champion. I am absolutely sure that it is not going to be easy for us. At the same time, just on the recent weekend we have been able to win, so I really hope that a series of good results are to continue, which could motivate us against Honvéd.

What could be the decisive factor agains Kispest?

They have scored multiple goals from counter attack situations so far this season, we have to impede them from doing so from early on in the match. We have to finish our attacks with shots on goal, and we cannot afford to miss too many goal scoring chances. Furthermore, it will be crucial to have possession and move the ball around.




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