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Windecker does not fear the attackers of Honvéd
2017. augusztus 10. - ujpestfc.hu
The holder of our jersey number 6 sees our team ready, determined and motivated, so he is sure that we go for the three points against Kispest.

How do you see and rate the past four rounds?

The team were aware that we have a lot of new players on the squad, and because of this we are going to need time. I have always emphasized that time cannot be the excuse for not so favourable results. It is absolutely essential to win our matches even if our performance goes far beyond our expectations. From this viewpoint, I am not so satisfied with our previous results because we have dominated each and every rival. The final draw against Videoton and Ferencváros were bad news for me but I am happy that the team could positively respond against Vasas. The victory gave a boost for team spirit.

Regarding your personal performance, are you satisfied so far?

If somebody only sees my goals and assists during the games, that would be spectacular, but it is not my main duty as a defending midfielder. It would be an extra performance to score goals. In my position on the pitch my real virtue is to get close to goal scoring opportunities but it is not always the case. I would like to get more effective, at the same time I am not dissatisfied because I have been  on the pitch all along the four rounds. I feel top energies and I would like to continue this way.

What are your expectations regarding the weekend clash against Honvéd?

Since we will be visiting the reigning champion I look forward to a really complicated game. Our opponent lines up two extraordinary attackers and also seasoned defenders, but I do not fear them. I consider my team to be determined and motivated so I am confident that we are going to go for the win against Kispest. Personally, I would be satisfied only with the victory.




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