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The 205th Honvéd-Újpest clash is coming
2017. augusztus 11. - ujpestfc.hu
Our team is visiting Budapest Honvéd in the 5th round of the OTP Bank League.

Here comes the 204th championship game against Budapest Honvéd on Saturday at 18.00 o’clock at Bozsik Stadium.

First time, more than 98 years ago on 17th of October, 1915 the two teams (Újpest and Kispest) met at Sárkány Street at the championship. On the premiere our opponent won 4-2 against us but next year our team could win there against the home team with the final result 2-0. In the first years both of the teams had successes but from 1926 we could continuously win against them until 1936 with 18 wins and from that the Újpest’s advantage became stronger against Kispest. The first game at Újpest was in 1923 at Megyeri road against Kispest and we won against them 4-1 thanks to Priboi’s hat trick and Szentey’s score.

During the 2010/2011 autumn season at the 14th round on 13th of November we won confidentially against them 3-0 at Szusza Ferenc Stadium, where Krisztián Simon gave two assists. On the rematch during the spring season we won again confidentially with a finl result 4-1 at away.

In the 2011/2012 autumn season on 17th of September, 2011 we played at away but that time the home team won against us 2-0. On 15th of April at Szusza Ferenc Stadium there was a similar final result and Vasziljevics Dusan scored two goals on that game.

In the 2012/2013 autumn season team Kispest scored the first goal but at the end of the first half Péter Kabát scored a free kick score and equalized the result. After the half-time Honvéd took the advantage again but after that Zaris Yadin headed the ball after Péter Kabát’s free kick therefore the final result was a draw (2-2) at Bozsik József Stadium.

On the rematch during spring we scored two goals but with Martinez Leandro’s lead team Kispest scored four goals and we lost 4-2 the game.
In the 2013/2014 season at the 3rd round we started the game better because Krisztián Simon scored the first goal but after that in the 48th minutes Richárd Vernes equalized the result with a penalty and there were not more goals on that match.

On the first day of March, 2014 we played at Bozsik Stadium and Boris Zivanovic from Honvéd scored the first goal but we could equalize the result with Dusan Vasiljevic’s score therefore the half-time result was a draw. In the second half in the 65th minutes Ayub Daud scored a penalty to us and after that in the 81st minutes Bálint Vécsei scored one more goal to us therefore the home team led 3-1 against us before 9 minutes of the end of the game. Nebojsa Kosovic could score one goal to Kispest in the 86th minutes but it was not enough to acquire point.

In the 2014/2015 season at the 6th round of the championship the two teams played a game without goal therefore the final result was a draw and the teams shared the points with each other.

On the rematch on 21st of March there was a 2-2 draw but our team could lead two times against the home team. Vasiljevic scored our first goal in the 20th minutes and after that Patrik Hidi equalized the result in the 33rd minutes. At the end of the first half Andric Nemanja scored another goal in the 42nd minutes and we led again but in the second half in the 53rd minutes Dániel Prosser again equalized the result.

In the 2015/2016 season the first game was at Szusza Ferenc Stadium on 15th of August. In the first half of the game there were not any goals but after that Souleymane Youla scored a goal to us in the 62nd minutes. We had to wait to our equalizing goal until the 88th minutes when Patrik Tóth scored a goal and saved one point for us because there were not more goals during the remaining time.

During the game in November in the first half there were not any goals. In the second half Hazard and Diagne scored our goals and Honvéd could answer only once thanks to Borbál’s score, therefore the final result was 1-2 to us and we acquired the three points at Bozsik Stadium.

In April in the first half during the extra time Balogh scored the first goal on the match. Our advantage became bigger thanks to Bardhi Enis’s score in the 64th minutes. There were not more goals during the game therefore we acquired the three points on the derby.

In the 2016/2017 season the first game was at our temporary home at Illovszky Rudolf Stadium against Honvéd. The weather was not good for both of the teams but or guest despite of the terrible weather could score two goals and we did not score goals during that game.

We played second time at Bozsik Stadium at Kispest. The game started very-well, we had more dangerous chances and in the 52nd minute János Lázok scored the first goal in the match. We could not be happy so long, because 15 minutes later Lanzafame Davide equalized the result thanks to a free kick. The remaining minutes did not bring more goals, therefore the final result was 1-1 after the 90 minutes.

The very last clash against Kispest took place 11 March, 2017. In the 27th minute during the match of the third round of the previous league, the player of Honvéd on loan that season, who already strengthens our squad, Donát Zsótér scored the leading goal. The equailzer and point-saver had to be waited until the 91st minute. In stoppage time Viktor Angelov made his mark so the match ended with a draw.




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