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Donát Zsótér has been through some meaningful days
2017. szeptember 8. - ujpestfc.hu
Our extremely fast attacker has excelled in the U21 National Team during the past days. Now, upon returning to our team, we asked him about last week’s experiences and the forthcoming league matches.

How was your U21 selection week?

I am through some meaningful and useful days. During our preparatory match in Germany (Germany U21-Hungary U21: 1-2 – the editor) I was fortunate enough to score a goal, which really makes me happy. The chance was there, I hit the ball well, so it ended up in the net. Despite the home team playing superior, we remained organized, which looking back from now looked promising from the outside. This victory made us feel that we took a trophy, thus arriving home we needed to keep up our level of motivation for the European Cup qualifying match against Malta (Hungary U21-Malta U21: 2-1 – the editor). Despite we had prepared a lot from Malta, they surprised us since they switched their tactical play. After we had seized the lead, our opponent managed to equalize but during half time we talked over everything which resulted in a goal in favour of us. We are looking forward to the future with faith.

Who are your best buddies in the team?

I am on good terms with everyone, we have known each other for a long time with many of my team mates. For instance, with Csaba Spandler we are childhood friends, so for about six years of playing on National Team occasions, we always ask to be room mates.

On Wednesday, you practiced again at Megyeri Road. What are your expectations for the league matches ahead of us?

I have faith! We have had two weeks of preparation for the next championship phase. I hope that everything is going to be all right and we will be on a winning streak. We need to give a performance that will enable us to be able to compete for the first three positions in the future.

Was the championship break good for us or not?

Whether yes or no, I would rather not decide this but at the same time we needed it. So far, if we played well the victory did not come, and when we did not play so well we won. We have had time to sort things out so we have to look in the future positively.




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