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Salétros has also returned
2017. szeptember 8. - ujpestfc.hu
We have interviewed our Swedish midfielder about the national selection week but we also asked him about his debut against Balmazújváros.

On Tuesday you played for the Swedish National U21 Team and beat the Cyprus youth team 4-1 at a World Cup qualifying match. Tell us a bit about the match!

We played a really good match, the team was in good shape. We gave a good performance especially in the first half, the clash was under control, we built up a notable gap during this period against our rival. I spent 90 minutes on the pitch, I think I played well.

You marked your first appearance in our team before the World Cup qualifiers against Balmazújváros. How do you remember that match?

It was a good match, although we could not play the way we really wanted to, but we seized three points and this is important. Despite it was my first match in lilac-white, I think that I did not gave a bad performance. I hope that the supporters also see it that way. I am also one of the many new players that had arrived to the team in summer. I am sure that everyone will get gradually better match by match, thus the team will be complete already for the next match against Puskás Academy.




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