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The results of our reserve teams
2017. szeptember 13. - ujpestfc.hu
The weekend balance: 3 victories, 2 defeats and a draw.

BLSZ championship

Hegyvidék – Újpest FC U19: 0-1

Our goal scorer: Filipovics

Viktor Mundi, the Head Coach of our U19 team competing in the adult BLSZ championship, has evaluated the match: „We played a difficult match because the opponent has made it hard for us. They were defending in a disciplined manner, 4-5 players were always behind the ball. We managed to create some space on the wings, unfortunately we missed big opportunities resulting from the crosses. During this match, we were unable to create space, build up plays in the middle of the pitch. We have to concentrate more in defense, the match almost went away at the last minute.”

Good performances: Máté, Bűkös, G. Németh

U19 championship match

Újpest FC U19 - Veszprém FC U19: 2 – 1

Our goal scorers: Antal, Szabó

Antal Füle, the Head Coach of our U19 team has evaluated the match: We started the match well, we were playing football with motivation and in a good pace, we created many chances that we unfortunately missed. Just as it happens, our opponent punished us with a goal. This did not break our team’s dynamism, we managed to turn the match around and we ultimately won. I congratulate the team for the victory!”

U17 championship match

Veszprém FC U17 - Újpest FC U17: 4 – 3

Our goal scorers: Tóth (2), Mógor

László Komódi, the Head Coach of our U17 team has evaluated the match: „We started the match so enervated at the home field of Veszprém, which I have never seen from the boys before. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to have players on the pitch with such a weak running performance and bad play actions because the domino-effect is going to start. Upon such an unexpected performance it is praiseworthy that we have players that stepping out from their comfort zone tried to give the maximum and turn around the four goals disadvantage, which was almost successful. I congratulate to team Veszprém!”

U16 championship match

Veszprém FC U16 - Újpest FC U16: 0 - 5

Our goal scorers: Földes (3), Mascsák, Buza

Zoltán Szekeres, the Head Coach of our U16 team has evaluated the match: „During this clash I was especially satisfied with the players’ mentality, apart from a short period the team were initiative. Our game was relatively looking good as well but there are things to improve for me to say that there was nothing more in this match. In conclusion, I would like to congratulate the team, since the result – based on the face of the match – is favourable for the home team.”

U15 championship match

Újpest FC U15 - Vác: 1 - 4

Our goal scorer: Antal

Péter Medgyes, the Head Coach of our U16 team has evaluated the match: I congratulate for the Vác squad, they deserved to win.”

U14 championship match

Újpest FC U14 - Vác VLSE: 2 - 2

Our goal scorers: Büki, Bocskai

Tamás Weisz, the Head Coach of our U14 team has evaluated the match: „We did not start the clash well, our opponent was already leading in the 13th minute. Following this, we have realized that the game had started. In the 15th minute, following a great attacking play Dániel Büki scored the equalizer, and since then we had dominated the pitch. Not far ahead, after a nice ball ahead, Norbert Bocskai found a great, smart solution to head up the goalkeeper. During the second half the plays were even. I think that towards the end we became tired, since we pulled our opponent onto ourselves, we could not have as much possession, our concentration ended. Our opponent equalized by a free kick in the 63rd minute. We have played a well-paced, quality match. I congratulate my team!”




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