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Ferencvárosi TC - Újpest FC

Groupama Aréna, 2018. szeptember 29. 19:30

Groupama Aréna
2018. szeptember 29. 19:30

Unbeaten weekend at the junior teams
2017. október 3. - ujpestfc.hu
Our young talents’ balance is: 5 victories and 1 draw.

BLSZ Championships

Újpest FC U19 - III. District UFC: 3 - 1

Our scorers: Szűcs, Bűkös, Németh K.

Viktor Mundi, our head coach of the U19 team, which plays at the adult BLSZ first division championships, evaluated the game on the following way: “The match started very-well for us, after 15 minutes we had a reassuring advantage. The red card did not stop us and after a nice attack we increased our advantage. In the second half we had chances but during this period the opponent team had also opportunities. At the end our defense was collapsed.”

Good performances in the team: Bűkös, Drávucz, Máté, Hajnal

U19 Championships Game

Gyirmót SE U19 - Újpest FC U19: 0 - 2

Our scorers: Barabás, Petry

Ervin Kovács, hired coach evaluated the game on the following way: “In the first half we won the game with two nice shots, in the second period the fight was on the focus instead of the play. If we take an advantage of our chances, we could have won more goals against the very motivated home team.”

Good performances in the team: Papp, Györkös, Szijártó, Bocsi

U17 Championships Game

Újpest FC U17 - Gyirmót SE U17: 1 - 0

Our scorer: Karabacak

László Komódi, the head coach of the U17 team evaluated the game on the following way: “It was not easy for us to build offenses because of our opponent’s defensive style, furthermore we made bad decisions at the last moments of our chances. Our ball possession advantage was to reassure, which resulted at the end of the game more stupid, avoidable and individual mistakes, which resulted almost equalizing score from the opponent. After our game last week against Vasas this victory was really important for us, I congratulate for it.”

U16 Championships Game

Újpest FC U16 - Gyirmót SE U16: 4 - 0

Our scorers: Földes (2), Hatos, Komódi

Zoltán Szekeres, the head coach of the U16 team evaluated the game on the following way: “We could play a dynamic game with good rhythm, our opponent had a big role in it to play that game, because they tried to play the match with big tempo, and tried to keep us under pressure. In the first half we could make a huge advantage on the field and made a lot of chances front of the goal of Gyirmót, but we could score only two goals from them. In the second period the quality of the match a little bit reduced but I was satisfied what I could see on the pitch. I hope the team could play longer period in this shape.”

U15 Championships Game

Dunakanyar SE - Újpest FC U15: 1 - 5

Our scorers: Antal (2), Tóth, Albert, Laczik

Péter Medgyes, the head coach of the U15 team evaluated the game on the following way: “It was a game of the beautiful scores. After 10-15 minutes we caught the “game” and we controlled the match with purposeful, short passing game style. On the unusually small pitch we were more mobile, we dictated the rhythm.”

Good performances in the team: Fisher N., Antal, Bernáth, Tóth, Érsek, Zeke

U14 Championships Game

Dunakanyar SE - Újpest FC U14: 1 - 1

Our scorer: Farkas

Good performances in the team: Csóri


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