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Groupama Aréna, 2018. szeptember 29. 19:30

Groupama Aréna
2018. szeptember 29. 19:30

Sankovic Bojan: For me the most important is the success of the team
2017. október 5. - ujpestfc.hu
We talked with our basic pillar of the midfield after the first third of the championship.

We are done with the first third of the championship, almost the whole team replaced around you, how do you feel yourself?

I feel great and also, I feel good on the pitch, when our head coach gave me the opportunity and also at the locker room with a lot of my new teammates. I am happy about I could be a member of a good team, because I think we have a really good one.

How would evaluate your own performance?

I would like to be better and better game to game and I would like to give my maximum for this team. I do my best every game to support the team but not just my shape is the important. For me is more important than me to win the match after the 90 minutes.

During these 11 championship games we played, which was the worst for you?

I am most sorry about the match against Videoton, because we led 2-0 and after one score we still had an advantage but at the end we gained only one point. I won’t say that it was the worst game for us at the first part at the championship, but I was the most disappointed here after the referee blew three times its whistle.

Which was the best?

In my opinion the best was during this season the game style what we showed against Mezőkövesd at away at the second half. We could come back to the match from disadvantage and we not just equalized the result, but caught the victory self-confidently.

What do you think, what will be in the second round of the championship?

It is really important for us to continuously develop ourselves and we have to increase our performance, furthermore we have to show focus against smaller teams also, as we could do against big teams at the moment. We have to win on those games, where we can say our victory is mandatory, but to do this primarily we have to find against every opponent the winning tactic. It is relevant that we do not have to catch big victory on our game against the actual opponent, but we should win our game, games in a nice, simple way.




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