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Új Hidegkuti Nándor Stadion, 2018. december 15. 19:30

Új Hidegkuti Nándor Stadion
2018. december 15. 19:30

The Sankovic-Henty case was closed
2017. november 10. - ujpestfc.hu
Our player was invited by the Hungarian Football Association to its seat to 12.00 o’clock on Thursday, where the Disciplinary Committee made its decision after the audition.

As we know, the Disciplinary Committee invited our midfielder to its session, which was on 9th of November, the reason was the allegedly racist verbal insult regarding Henty Ezekiel at the locker room corridor. Our club stated more times after the case that the club investigated the allegedly case with witnessess, furthemore our club knows Sankovic Bojan, therefore the club totally supports our number 18th footballer and rejects every kind of slanders, grievances relates to our player.

“Of course, I told to the committee also that I did not say anything. Henty also just said on the audition he does not know where it is come from, what he heard from behind” – told to our webpage Sankovic.

The Hungarian Football Association Disciplinary Committee made a positive decision regarding Újpest FC, it cancelled and closed the investigation.

Our club welcomed the association’s decision, which made a real and fair decision in objective way regarding Újpest FC, because the purple-white colors were accused without reason with the most serious accusations and slanders.




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