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MOL Vidi FC - Újpest FC

Székesfehérvári Sóstói Stadion, 2018. november 21. 19:00

Székesfehérvári Sóstói Stadion
2018. november 21. 19:00

Here comes altogether the second Újpest - Balmaz pairing
2017. december 1. - ujpestfc.hu
Our promo article this time is not a long story.

The second Újpest FC - Balmaz Kamilla Gyógyfürdő championships game will come on Saturday at 15.30 at the 18th round of OTP Bank League. Based on the decision of the Hungarian Football Association the game will be without audience at Szusza Ferenc Stadium (closed gates match).

The first game was on 26th of August between our team and the new one in Balmazújváros. The interesting part of the match was that it was our team’s 3000th championships game. Despite of the special match we had to wait until the 64th minute to our only score, which was also our leading one, Krisztián Simon was successful. There were not more goals during the match, therefore we could be happy with our absolute record first division match number, furthermore we could go back home, to Megyeri road with three points.

Team Balmaz Kamilla Gyógyfürdő greeted our team before the game in August because of our 3000th first division championships game. Our club manager, Zoltán Böőr took over the gift jersey from the home team.




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