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Székesfehérvári Sóstói Stadion, 2018. november 21. 19:00

Székesfehérvári Sóstói Stadion
2018. november 21. 19:00

Loyalty is Royalty
2017. december 5. - ujpestfc.hu
Bence Pávkovics, our young talent also participated at the photography campaign of Dorko, which was organized to collect money to guide dog training program.

The “Loyalty is Royalty” is the campaign of Dorko brand, they dealt with it since 2015 and we could hear about it more nowadays. The Dog School of the Hungarian Federation of Blind and Partially-Sighted Persons organization is perfectly embodying the values, we could stand up for. In Hungary, at the moment 85 blind persons wait for special dog! 4 million HUF was collected thanks to the selling of Dorko products with common effort in the past years. This enormous amount could finance only 2 guide dog training because of the high costs. Thanks to the success, efficiency and importance of the campaign this year the action will continue, and the organizers hope that with common effort the number of the blind persons, who wait for guide dog, could decrease in 2018!

At DORKO they wanted to work with together those kind of charity organizations from the beginning, which they could support with 100 percent. The clothing and the hat are rare characteristic medium, which could express the individuality of the brand, but they could stand up for also important values. They launched the DORKO PROPAGANDA, and with this action after the selling of “propaganda” products they will donate 100% of the profit to the actually chosen donated organization, and they would like to expand the number of these organizations. They hope, they could make propaganda to these not well-known organizations and to draw the attention to the importance of their activity. With the Loyalty is Royalty action it was definitely successful, because this year is the third, when this action and the campaign photos are in the media and on the social sites, which were published by our country’s famous people.




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