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Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion, 2019. február 2. 17:00

Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion
2019. február 2. 17:00

Vignjevic Nebojsa: “The future starts with the tomorrow”
2018. január 12. - ujpestfc.hu
We asked our head coach about his to-do of the winter break, the preparation, the possible reinforcements and leavers, furthermore about Predrag Rogan.

How was your break, did a lot of agents and players call you?

As usually this time, a lot of agents and footballers called me, they tried to convince me about their players or they represent good quality. Besides that, I watched more videos about footballers, I spoke with a couple of them, but the important negotiations will come now. Of course, I had time for my family, because it was very important for me, but in the head coach job there is no stop during these times also, because you have to think about the future, and the future starts with the tomorrow.

During the break I spoke with Milos (Milos Bogicevic, our fitness coach – the editor) about the agenda of the preparation and about the team.

Could we transfer to the team those 2-3 new players, who you mentioned before Christmas?

As I mentioned earlier, we do not need many new people, we are looking for players with real quality, who can mean the real difference for us. Of course, it is really hard to find these players, because you have to pay a lot for them, or they would not like to come to Hungary to play. We have to be patient and continue our work to find them.

You also mentioned previously that a couple of players will leave the club in winter. Do you know how many players would like to go?

I already talked with a couple of them, they are not happy that they got less time to prove on the pitch during the autumn season, as they wanted and because of this they would like to leave us. In the next days, we will see, what will happen, because those player, who has live contract with us and he is a good player, for him it is not easy to make a deal with another club.

Where will be the focus on the first period of the preparation?

In the first 2-3 days there will be physical tests for the players, and from the next Monday for two weeks the focus will be on the physical aspect of the preparation. After that we are going to travel to Turkey to have a training camp, where we start to deal with our gaming style, tactical and technical elements. 

I think this preparation period will be easier like the previous one was half year ago, because that time we had to build up a team with 14 new players and more of them did not join us from the beginning of the preparation. Now, the situation is totally different, everybody will be here since the first day, the guys are healthy, we know each other and the system better, therefore this preparation will be easier and better like the summer one was.

What did you say, when Predrag Rogan told you, he is going to leave the club?

We talked about it earlier that he would like to be closer to his family, he travelled a lot to them and this was really difficult for him, one day in Beograd and after he had to travel back to Budapest. Now, he is going to move back to Serbia to be a head coach of a second division related team.

We try to find the new assistant coach, but at this time I cannot tell you specific names.




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