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Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion, 2019. február 2. 17:00

Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion
2019. február 2. 17:00

Dávid Mohl: Every result is important!
2018. február 6. - ujpestfc.hu
We talked with our scorer on the 9th day at the training camp in Turkey.

How satisfied are you with our preparation games?

We played more and more serious opponents. Against Septemvri Sofia we did not gain our chances appropriately, therefore we could blame only ourselves because of the loss, at the same time it was a good start to map ourselves and for the coach for map us. On the game against Slovan Bratislava the team coherence operated well, we had chances, but we felt that we are not on that level of fitness, where we need to be. When we watched again this match, we could say the opponent scored us avoidable goals, as the Germans did again also. I think we must go to the pitch more coherent in the future, because if we could decrease the percentage of the individual and team level mistakes, in that case we could be more stable in the championships. Everybody waited for the game against Crvena Zvezda, but I tell the truth we expected stronger team. In the first half we had more chances, with which we could have increased our advantage. For the second period it seemed, that this was the first 90 minutes for everybody, who played on Sunday. This game was a very good power test for us and we showed that this team could make it happen what it wants, what it planned for the spring season, therefore I am optimistic in connection the future. I am proud of the team, I see that where we started and where we are now, and this road has not come to an end, not even close.

What does it mean for you, if you score a goal?

Of course, like for every player, it gives me motivation. I am a back, primarily I serve as a back, but obviously, if I have space in front of me, in that case I support the offenses as much I can.

How do you feel yourself at the training camp?

Thanks to the circumstances and the team coherence I feel myself totally balanced.

Did you have in your game concept anything you wanted to change, and you could do that during the preparation period?

I like to change continuously, based on that I try to catch every opportunity. I usually evaluate my performance after a game, primarily what I could do on my position, what I could have been done more to support more my team. During the winter break, I revaluated a lot of things in myself. For me the coach’s opinion is always the first feedback, what I must accept in every case.

At the moment you are the most experienced player in the team. Does it often occur that your teammate ask advice from you?

If I see, I try to support the young generation with one-two positive words, things. This is also true for the players on the same position as me, and it is also true for Burekovic Dzenan. Furthermore, if they ask from me, in that case I support them in everything, after that they could decide later what they want to use from it.

How do you prepare yourself for the last game in Turkey?

People used to say the result is not important during the preparation games. Personally, I think that every result is important. It is does not matter in which league the opponent plays who you play with, the most important is win at the end, because you could build on it in the future. Every single game you must go to the pitch with the concept to do your best, to do your maximum. At the same time, it does matter your condition, I mean you play fresh or overloaded on the game. I say one more time, for me, every game is important.




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