#4 Kire Ristevski
Születési idő 1990. 10. 22.
The blood donation classification is excellent!
2018. február 26. - ujpestfc.hu
We kept without changes the organized blood donation at the center of Országos Vérellátó Szolgálat. We paid tribute to Bence Lázár’s memory with it and it is definitely sure that we could help a lot of people.

After our club got the sad news, we asked together with Bence’s family our fans, friends of sport to come and participate at blood donation after the awful tragedy, to help the fellow sufferers of Bence.

As it did not matter at the candlelight on Thursday at Szusza Ferenc Stadium, also did not matter at the blood donation on Friday, which was organized by Újpest FC, from where the fans joined, from which club, Bence was known by a lot of people besides the pitch. “He told always everybody a couple of nice words, he really loved the fans” – told our webpage a purple-white fanatic from the same age.

After the morning hours, at the afternoon and at the evening more and more people arrived the center of OVSZ at Karolina road. There were people. who gave blood time to time, but there were people, who participated at a blood donation and sat down to the blood donor bed for first time; we would like to say thank you everybody.

It is important to get together not just only at organized blood donation! Our club encourages our enthusiastic fans to participate at blood donations regularly, so they could help a lot of sick children and adults.




#4 Kire Ristevski