#2 Szűcs Kristóf
Születési idő 1997. 01. 03.
The team played very well
2018. február 27. - ujpestfc.hu
We won an exciting game against Paksi FC with the final result 2-0; therefore, we wait for the rematch with a small advantage.

Vignjevic Nebojsa head coach evaluated the first match after the 90 minutes: “I am very satisfied with the result. Because of the circumstances I hoped that nobody injured at our team and at the other side also. Today we had more luck than team Paksi FC and totally we handled better the game situations. I am a little bit sorry about we could not score our third goal, but I am very proud of the team”.

The rematch of the qualification to the best eight of the Hungarian Cup will be on 6th of March at 17.00 o’clock in Paks.




#2 Szűcs Kristóf