#2 Szűcs Kristóf
Születési idő 1997. 01. 03.
Here comes the 7th Újpest - Mezőkövesd championship game
2018. március 2. - ujpestfc.hu
Our balance against team from Mezőkövesd is 5 victories and 1 draw on the previous six matches.

Team Mezőkövesd was established in 1975, its football team played long time at Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County championship and they qualified themselves to NB III during the middle of the 90’s. Their first appearance was at the second division in 2007 and they played first time at the first league during the season 2013-2014 and we met them this time first at NB I.

We hosted team Kövesd on 24th of August, 2013 at Szusza Ferenc Stadium and the guest team took the lead thanks to George Menougong’s score after 15 minutes. The striker from Cameroon made our players “angry” therefore we scored six goals to their one goal: Krisztián Simon and Abjupera Jarmo scored two-two goals, Tshibuabua Bavon and Péter Kabát scored one-one goal. Our team won 6-1 and its line-up was the following on that match: Balajcza – Ligot, Vermes (Litauszki), Juanan, Antón – Balogh B., Vasiljevic – Tshibuabua, Lázár B. (Kabát), Simon K. (Horváth R.) – Ahjupera.

During this game our team was leaded by Lelievre Marc and István Kozma and team Kövesd was leaded by our previous player, György Véber and his assistant coach was Zoltán Szlezák. Team Mezőkövesd was qualified itself thanks to György Véber first in its history to NB I, the trainer was previously at our youth teams (inter alia he trained Zoltán Stieber and Ádám Szalai) and after that between February 2004 and June 2005 he was Géza Mészöly’s assistant coach at the first team.

During the season 2013-2014 at spring time Vignjevic Nebojsa managed our team and on the game on 16th of March we won the match 1-0 thanks to Balázs Balogh’s headed score in the 88th minute. Our team’s line-up was the following on that day: Dmitrovic – Nagy J., Heris, Litauszki, Balogh B. – Stanisavljevic, Vasiljevic – Kosovic (Proesmans), Kabát (Zamostny), Sankovic – Tshibuabua (Lázár B.).

At the end of the 2013-2014 season Mezőkövesd ends the league at the 15th position and they were eliminated from NB I and after two years at the second league they qualified themselves again to NB I thanks to Attila Pintér’s lead.
During our first game at this season against Mezőkövesd Andric and Diarra scored a goal to them from our team. The home team could not answer to our goals therefore we gained the three points with the final result 0-2.

The second championship match of this season (2016/2017) was in November at Kecskemét, at Széktói Stadium. In the first half, there was not a goal, but in the second one in the 51st minute Andric Nemanja scored the first goal and took the lead for us. We could not be happy too long because 4 minutes later from the guest team Branko Pauljevic equalized the result (1-1). The remaining minutes did not bring more goal; therefore, the final result was a draw.

The third round staged at Mezőkövesd, where Nemanja Andric and Enis Bardhi scored. Thanks to them, the halftime result was already 0-2. In the second half, Balázs Benjámin scored a goal as well, while Bacelic-Grgic Stipe from Mezőkövesd beautified the result to 1-3. 

The first match this year was organized in Mezőkövesd, and it started not well for our team, because the guest team could go happier to the locker room at the half-time, thanks to their one goal advantage. At the second half our players woke up and did not stop until 4 goals, Soma Novothny scored three from them. Mezőkövesd could only double its goals, therefore we brought the three points to home with the final result 2-4!




#2 Szűcs Kristóf