#31 Rossy Lubaki
One more step closer to the Hungarian Cup final
2018. március 6. - ujpestfc.hu
The victory in Paks meant a qualification for us at the competition series.

Vignjevic Nebojsa head coach evaluated the following way our 2-0 victory at the second match: “I was very excited because of the game, because to play in Paks is far from easy. It was a really difficult game for us, I am extremely proud of my players, who did well their duty excellently both halftimes, I am very satisfied especially with our second half performance. My aim was to refresh the team and give chance to play those footballers, who did not get too much time. It was good to see, they caught this chance and supported the team. I am very proud of the players, who totally proved today and on the previous games. I congratulate the boys for the performance they shown today”.




#31 Rossy Lubaki