#49 Branko Pauljevic
Születési idő 1989. 06. 12.
We know now our opponent at the quarterfinal
2018. március 7. - ujpestfc.hu
Our place became sure at the best eight teams of the Hungarian Cup on Tuesday evening after our 2-0 victory against Paks. On Wednesday afternoon it was decided, who will be our opponent at the next round.

Our team is still standing at the Hungarian Cup competition series after it won easier than expected against Paksi FC (2-0,0-2, totally 4-0 victory). Our purple-white fans could be happy about our beloved team defeated the team from Tolna County, therefore our players could fight for the best results, goals still on two fields. The Hungarian Football Association organized a draw last week about the quarterfinals, and the qualification process to the semifinal will be decided by two games also. The next opponent of our team will be MTK Budapest.

The game days of the quarterfinal: 13th of March 2018 and 3rd of April 2018.

The first match will be at Szusza Ferenc Stadium.

We will share the detailed information regarding the game later. 




#49 Branko Pauljevic