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DVSC - Újpest FC

Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion, 2019. február 2. 0:00

Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion
2019. február 2. 0:00

Here comes the 96th Debrecen - Újpest FC game
2018. március 9. - ujpestfc.hu
Among 95 matches, we had 43 wins, 20 defeats, and 32 draws.

The first match between the two teams was in 1943, when we won 10-1 against them. This result is still a record from a goals point of view, in 2000 we won 8-3 and we could set this record, but in different proportion.

On August 28 in 2011 the first half was 1-1 but after that we lost 3-2 in Debrecen. Tamás Egerszegi and Krisztián Simon scored our goals on that game.

During 2012 spring the two teams met in the Hungarian Cup’s semifinals. In the Championship game we had a really bad day, we suffered a big loss, the final result was 5-1; our goal was scored by Péter Kabát. We could not beat them in the Hungarian Cup, although Péter Kabár scored a goal from free kick but after that DVSC won the game and also won the semifinals with two victories.

We had an opportunity to pay back later, because during the 2012/2013 season we met them in the 6th round, but the final result was draw after an exciting game.

We played against Debrecen in the League Cup during the group matches. Our young team could win at home 2-1 thanks to Rajmond Toricska’s two goals.

On the rematch at Oláh Gábor Street Stadium they could win 3-0 and they qualified themselves to the quarterfinals, but Videoton won against them in the quarterfinals and Debrecen was dropped out from the League Cup. In the Championship we won against them at away, Péter Kabát’s good shoot was saved but after that Simacs Dejan accidently scored an own goal.

During the game in the 2013/2014 autumn season we did not start our game well, therefore DVSC could exploit our weak performance and achieved a big advantage. After that we could play better, but finally we lost 3-1 at Szusza Ferenc Stadium. The rematch was same, DVSC could win 3-1 and they could collect their goals against us.

During the game in the 2014/2015 autumn season we played against them at home and thanks to Krisztián Simon’s goal in the final minute we won 1-0 against the previous year’s champion.

DVSC started better the rematch but our team picked up themselves but both of the team could not score a goal. In the second half did not change anything in the teams’ performance. During the whole game the players tried to shoot from longer distance, but the goalkeepers saved every trial. Because of the effective goalkeepers the final result was 0-0.

During this season our first game against DVSC was 1-1 at Nagyerdei Stadium. Tibor Tisza from team Debrecen scored the first goal in the 28th minute but Mbaye Diagne could answer from Újpest in the 32nd minute.

The rematch was at Szusza Ferenc Stadium on 27 February. In the 37th minute the guest team got a penalty and Szakály scored DVSC’s first goal. After that Szakály made a fault in the 85th minute and we got also a penalty. Lencse scored our penalty successfully, therefore the final result was 1-1.

The third championship game was against DVSC in Debrecen during the previous season. The teams could not score a goal in the first half therefore the half-time result was 0-0. The second half seemed the same like the first one was but in the 85th minute the home team got a free kick and Tisza scored a goal from 33 meter distance. Our team did not have enough time to equalize the result therefore DVSC won the game 1-0.

In this season our first game against Debrecen was at Nagyerdei Stadium on 10th of September. In the 10th minute Holman scored the first goal to us. We could not equalize the fast home goal in the first half; therefore DVSC players could go rest calmer in the half-time. In the 78th minute Sekulic scored an own goal from the home team therefore the result changed to 1-1. Debrecen’s second goal was scored by Horváth 5 minutes later therefore the final result was 2-1 for them.

The second championship game at the 2016/2017 season was at Kecskemét, at Széktói Stadium. The game did not start for us well, because after a couple of minutes Heris Jonathan was injured, he needed substitution. During the game we dominated the match, at the second half thanks to Andric and Bardhi’s score we won 2-0 at the last game of the autumn season.

The last match was in 2017 September. In the twentieth minute, Bence Pávkovics headed the ball to the goal net;  1-0. Unfortunately, the Loki did not wait too much for the response, and Tamás Takács scored a goal. Due to the lack of dangerous actions, neither our team nor DVSC had the chance to win.





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