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Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion, 2019. február 2. 0:00

Debreceni Nagyerdei Stadion
2019. február 2. 0:00

Nastic Milos got a job opportunity in Canada
2018. március 13. - ujpestfc.hu
Our physiotherapist last workday was on Friday and he will start a new life with his family on another continent in a couple of months.

How did your Újpest career start?

When I arrived Szusza Ferenc Stadium in summer, 2016, I got a chance to lead with Milovanovic Zarko the physiotherapist department of the team. I think, we solved the treatment of the injuries with our highest professional knowledge in every situation and in Zarko’s hand this will be good in the future. Our footballers are great people, I could not pick one favorite. Everybody, the whole team became my favorite during the treatments and the long months here.

So, did you enjoy it?

Of course! I have spent an excellent one and a half year here, at Megyeri road and I could know a countless number of excellent people at the club. My opinion is that the best fitness trainer works here in Hungary, who is Bogicevic Milos, furthermore, Vignjevic Nebojsa head coach does his job also excellently and he always wants the best for the team in every moment.

Do the purple-white colors accompany you to Canada also?

Of course, from this time I will continuously follow the results of Újpest, because I really loved this feeling, which is all around the oldest club in Hungary. I believe this year the team achieves the goals it settled, and it will belong to the first three teams at the championships, because it really belongs to there. Everybody needs to believe, who does not see that players worked a lot and the reward would be the European football stage. I believe in it 100%, it will be at the end of this season.

Milovanovic Zarko (physiotherapist), Nastic Milos (physiotherapist), Krisztina Bóna (sport psychologist)

What would be your message to the players and to the fans?

The players should be happy and proud to play at Újpest. Just makes a team, be happy to each other score, successes. I wish to the fans to be more and more game to game and fill the whole stadium and support the team, the club to achieve the best results.

Could you find a job in your profession in Canada?

Yes! Firstly, I am going to work at a hospital, where I will deal with physiotherapy, rehabilitation. Of course, I would like to open my own praxis later.

Big plans, it seems, it won’t be time in the next months, years to relax...

I hope it will be! Because of the geographical conditions beautiful places became closer, which would be a sin not to visit them. I would like to travel to Dominican Republic, to Cuba or to Florida.

Our club wishes to Nastic Milos a successful career and a successful family future!

Nastic Milos (physiotherapist)




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