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Paksi FC Stadion, 2019. március 30. 17:00

Paksi FC Stadion
2019. március 30. 17:00

Novothny: If I could, I would choose the third place
2018. április 12. -
We talked with our striker, who scored 13 goals at the championships.

Unfortunately, you were successful long time ago at a championships game. What do you think, what could be the reasons behind this? Did the opponents maybe recognize your gaming style?

I do not think that my gaming style could be easily recognizable by our rivals. I am not one of the easily recognizable and analyzable forwards, because I am not that footballer, who uses individual actions and tricks. I player rather front of the goal, I take an advantage of the chances and I try find the best position to score a goal. Unfortunately, we could make only just a few good chances on the previous games and we played against more teams, who let us only minimal space to play. The number of our successful passes to the box and the offenses was low; furthermore there was not situation, which could have been well useful and dangerous from scoring a goal perspective. That was also my fault and the change in our gaming style did not make our task easier, but we try to develop ourselves and learn from our mistakes and we hope after the changes the expected goals form Újpest will arrive.

Yesterday you “lost” your position at the top scorers list and now you are the third on it. It is still motivating you to achieve the top scorer title?

Of course, it is motivating me, because I am a striker, therefore I would to score as many goals as I could. It is no doubt, it inspires me that I have chance to be the next top scorer and I will do everything to fight for it until the end of the championships. But! If I could choose between the team could achieve the podium at the championships or I could be the top scorer, I would choose the bronze medal!

It is not too much to say the games against Fradi and Videoton were really hard and sweaty, what do you think, the next rounds could promise us games, which we could win easier?

I do not think there is easier or harder match at this championships. The first two teams are far away from the others based on their points; it is really not easy to play against them. At the same time, at this 12 teams championships is not easy to win against anybody, this statement was confirmed by a lot surprising results. Despite all this we must win as many games as we could from the remaining eight games and we must provide 100% especially on the home games to achieve our aims. Hopefully both the team and I could start a winning series at the weekend.  





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