Paksi FC - Újpest FC
Paksi FC Stadion, 2019. március 30. 17:00

Paksi FC Stadion
2019. március 30. 17:00

Here comes the 180th game against Vasas in the championship
2018. április 13. -
Before the game on Saturday we remember a couple of big games in our heralding, which evokes the colorful history of the two teams in the past and in the recent history.


In the second match of the 2011/12 season we won against Vasas 2-0 at home. The game started at 15.00 and during the first half did not happen anything. The second half was much more interesting, three minutes after its start we could score a penalty. Vasziljevics took the responsibility and he scored our first goal very confidently, therefore we led 1-0. After the first goal the fans did not have to wait so much, because Lipták scored our second goal in the 65th minute, which score seriously influenced the game and the final result.

After that we had to wait three years to meet again Vasas in NB I. The first match of this season was in the Illovszky Rudolf Stadium. In the 30thminute Mohl Dávid scored the first goal in the game, but 11 minutes after Remili equalized the result, therefore after 45 minutes the result was 1-1. In the second half Sallói scored a goal in the 52nd minute, Sankovic scored another goal in the 59th minute; therefore the final result was 1-3 to us.

On the rematch none of the teams could score a goal in the first half, and it seemed the second half would be same. But in the 80th minute Mbaye Diagne successfully scored a penalty and five minutes later he scored an action goal, therefore the final result was 2-0.

The third game was organized also in Illovszky Rudolf Stadium. Vasas scored the first goal in the 13rd minute thanks to Ádám shot and after that Andric equalized the result in the 20th minute. In the first half the result was 1-1. In the second 45 minutes Vasas scored the next goal and acquired the advantage, in the 73rd minute Könyves scored a goal. 5 minutes after this goal Lencse equalized the result, but with this goal was not the last in that match. In the 90th minute Hangya scored a goal and thanks to that Vasas won the match.

During the first game at the 2016/2017 season in the first half none of the teams could score a goal. In the second half we had to wait until the 84th minute, when Bardhi Enis scored a goal. Vasas could not answer to his goal therefore we could gain the three points at that match.

The return match was against Vasas on 5th of November, 2016. In the 34th minute of the match József Windecker scored the first goal for our team. Our advantage kept until the 49th minute, when Mahir Saglik equalized the result. In the 61st minute we took the lead thanks to Bardhi Enis’s score, but 15 minutes later Zsolt Korcsmár from team Angyalföld equalized again the result. There were not more goals until the end, therefore there was point sharing.

The third game started well for our team, because Heris took the lead in the 4th minute. Our advantage was doubled by Balogh right before the end of the first half. In the 54th minute Gaál scored a goal from team Vasas. Six minutes later Mohl scored another goal from our team and Király answered from the opponent team in the 88th minute to our third goal. There were not more goals in the match, therefore our team won 3-2.

In this season our first game was on 6th of August with the neighborhood castle team. The match was at Szusza Ferenc Stadium and in the 25th minute Dániel Nagy scored the first goal. Vasas tried to push us from that moment and tried to equalize the result. Our defenders solved the situations in the whole game, therefore we gained the three points. 

Our series of victory doesn't ended after these. In the 69th minute of the match Donát Zsótér passed the ball exactly to our forward, Soma Novothny. He scored the goal cruelly to our opponent's port and with it he set the final result in the Stadium of Dunaújváros. 

Here is the time, when we look back to the past

 We were the guest team on 31 March, 2008 and thanks to Tibor Tisza we could acquire the three points. It is important to note in that time Balajcza already showed his capabilities because he presented a lot of great saves and thanks to him the opponent’s strikes were confused.

In the same year on 1st of August Vasas played better and they won with the final result 4-2 and they could acquire the tree points at home. The match was memorable because six goals are not usually scored during Vasas-Újpest games.

This time we make a journey back in the old times

In the 1987/88 season the fans could see eight goals on 3rd of October in 1988 at Fay street stadium. The first goal was scored by Rostás, and six minutes after he scored his second goal, therefore at the end of the first half we led 2-0. In the second half Vasas could score its first goal, but shortly after Steindl scored our third goal after Mészöly good passing. Vasas tried to decrease the differnce, but after Schneider score and Rostás successful penalty (it was after the defender’s fault against Katona) our purple-white team had five goals. Vasas could answer only one more to our scores, therefore the final result was 3-5. According to Népsport’s stats there were 15 000 viewers on the spot.  

We arrived to the last station of our short flashback. Our team achieved a great victory at away against Vasas on 14th April in 1984. Three minutes after the game started Sándor Kiss scored a goal after a good passing by Kisznyér. Kiss did not stop with one goal, at the end of the first half he scored a really big goal, therefore we led 2-0 in the halftime. In the second half Vasas got a penalty, and László Kiss successfully scored it, but shortly after István Kozma scored our third goal. Three minutes before the end our number 7, Sándor Kiss showed his amazing dribbles to the defenders, who could not do anything against him and after that he scored our fourth and last goal. More than 25 000 fans celebrated our 4-1 victory against Vasas.




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