Paksi FC - Újpest FC
Paksi FC Stadion, 2019. március 30. 17:00

Paksi FC Stadion
2019. március 30. 17:00

We switched to gear four against Vasas FC
2018. április 15. -
We closed the 26th round of the championship with a brilliant win.

“With today's victory we can again target the podium. I'm very happy with the result, but if we focus on just one game, we might easily get into a difficult position again. In the first half, the game was rather characterized by individual actions, we did not work collectively, lacked teamwork. In the second 45 minutes the game changed, Obinna was quite fantastic, not only because of his goal, but he was truly the heart of the team and a real leader. Congratulations to the boys for today's success” - assessed today’s game's play image our head coach, Vignjevic Nebojsa.




#7 Simon Krisztián