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Kálmán Tóth will retire after 17 purple-white years
2018. június 8. - ujpestfc.hu
Our all heart masseur has been working with our players since 2001 without break, totally he was sitting on our bench on 474 games.

Kálmán Tóth, as an active footballer, played at Budapest Honvéd from 1964 to 1969, after from 1970 to 1974 at Tatabánya Miners as a left wing. During his career he achieved the following results: in the 69’ championship season he won silver medal, in 68’, 69’ and 72 he played HPRC finals (Hungarian People's Republic Cup), in 66’ he played CECW quarterfinal (The Cup of Europe Cup Winners), in 73’ and 74’ CEC winner (Central-European Cup), furthermore in 72’ he won silver medal at the Olympic Games in Munich. After his active footballer career, he became a masseur and he almost worked 20 years with our purple-white players. We talked with uncle Kálmi on his last workday, after the bronze medal battle against DVSC.

How did you decide to be a masseur, furthermore how do you remember of the first purple-white days?

I have learnt a lot of professions in my life, I have got qualification at catering, technic and engine fitter, but after my professional footballer career I wanted to stay on the field of football. At the same time, I paid attention to avoid the head coach career. I chose a calmer profession rather to be a coach, so I became a masseur. I signed my purple-white contract on 21st of December 2001, and I did not regret this decision to this day. The club was likeable for me in that time, because of my footballer experience I knew almost all of the leaders and players of the Hungarian teams. I have met everywhere friends and acquaintances.

How is your relationship with the nowadays player generation?

It is quite interesting that we were same as them when we were in their age. The players do their job, but this sometimes causes tiredness and injuries. Sometimes they “struggle” but that is how this business works, there were not problems about this, not for a moment ever. I have felt myself always good with them. Because of my age maybe the older players were a little bit closer to me, but I had not got any problems with them, for me, everybody is lovable.

How did you like the training camps?

As a player I also visited a lot of training camps, we have been travelled a lot, sometimes we did it more, like the teams today do it, but we understood it, unfortunately, this accompanies this profession. These times we had a lot of fun, of course, we have always known where the border is, which could not be crossed. We were laid back, we fooled around and teased each other, but never at the expense of work. Thanks to the training camps I could visit a lot of nice places. 

How do you remember of the lot of years in football?

The decades run away extremely fast. I visited beautiful places and I could meet with wonderful people. For me it is unforgettable the two Cup victories at Újpest also, I will always think about it with happiness. I do not have any negative experience about it.

How will you spend your days?

I will be with my family and my grandchildren. Actually, for me my job was my hobby, but now, it will be good to relax a little bit. Of course, my retirement does not mean I will lose the connection with the club, as my agenda allows, I will come and cheer Újpest players.

Thank you uncle Kálmi! We wish you retirement years in full of happiness and health, furthermore you are welcomed anytime at our purple-white home!




#10 Zsótér Donát