#49 Pauljevic Branko
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Bence Pávkovics could prove in Baku in national colors
2018. június 11. - ujpestfc.hu
Our young footballer entered to the pitch as a member of the starting squad against Azerbaijan.

The U21 national team played a preparation game before the European Championships qualification match, which will be in September. Our young player, Bence Pávkovics joined the national eleven despite of the fact he did get only few chances to play at the spring championship season of OTP Bank League. The match ended with six goals and a draw, but until our young back was on the pitch, the scoreboard showed 1-3. Our number 27th player shared his feelings with us on phone in connection the Friday game. 

“I was happy I got invitation, moreover I could step on the pitch as the member of the starting squad, this was the first time I could do that during my U21 national team matches. It was good to play a game again, because I did not get chance to prove at the spring part of the championship season. I think, I deserved this opportunity because of my previous performance. Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the result, because we took the lead and at the end we left the pitch with a draw. Our master wanted to play everybody from the whole squad, therefore I had to leave the pitch in the 64th minute”

Our young talent told us on the remaining days of the break he will visit his loved ones and his friends, where besides the relax he could learn a new role, because Pávkovics family became richer with a baby. After the holiday he will start the 2018/2019 championship season with renewed power!

We wish Bence pleasant relaxation and good luck! Let’s go Purples!




#49 Pauljevic Branko