#9 Theophilus  Solomon
Injury report
2018. június 12. - ujpestfc.hu
Our footballers show an improving trend!

We talked with our players on phone on Tuesday to ask them about their actual condition and about the date, when they could be on the pitch again. Fortunately, all of them evaluated positively their rehabilitation processes, their attitude was hopeful and optimistic about that. 

Dávid Mohl now is in the fourth week of the recovery, the swell ebbed day to day, but there are still sensitive areas on his ankle, which need relax and nursing. Fortunately, an excellent doctor treats with him, and they do everything together for the fastest recovery. They started the treatments in time, therefore healing started also fast. At the first times he felt awful pain, because the doctor settled his ankle ligaments, he moved the joints and he put place the tallus also. “I got a lot of help and advices, furthermore he gave me several enzymes, which will foster the regeneration of the ligaments and other injured areas. After the treatments I started to do the strengthening and other practices, fortunately, the walking is not a problem anymore, but the running is now another issue, therefore I will start the preparation separately and later. I think I did my best for the recovery, now, only time could help me”

Dániel Nagy – who felt pain in his ankle after the Hungarian Cup semifinal against Balmazújváros – told the following to our webpage: “The first week of my break was about the holiday and the relaxation, which relevantly supported the healing processes. I got a training plan from our fitness coach at the championship, and I dealt with it during the relaxation period, because I thought it is important to improve my condition. Despite of that the real work started this week. I participated at a running training on Monday and I felt great I could do that without pain. It was only a straight run, but I think it is a good sign I could move without difficulties. My opinion is, my regeneration went very-well and I could start the preparation for the next season with the team”

Krisztián Simon – who stayed on the soil after a collusion against the championship game Paks – is now at the end of his recovery process and he thinks he is in good condition, he feels better himself take into consideration what happened with him. Everything is on its own way in accordance with the protocol. “I focus on only the future, on the good things and the successes. I am at the finishing period of the rehabilitation, I will start running tasks this month, of course, only slowly, start it from the basics. For me this will mean a next level, I really wait for it. If I start run after this physiotherapy part, in that case I could definitely say a new phrase was closing and I could step forward. My big plan and aim to play this year and close this bad period”– told our number 7th striker. 

After the match against DVSC Onovo Vincent travelled to Belgium to clean his ankle there with an arthroscopic operation. The surgery solved a previous problem, fortunately, it was not because of a fresh injury at our number 30th player, who told the followings in connection the operation. “After the surgery I spent one night at the Belgian hospital because of the monitoring process. There was not complication, everything was good at the operation. The condition of my ankle now is pretty good, and since then I came back to Hungary also. Probably, I could play again in 6-8 weeks, therefore I will start the preparation later, as my teammates, but I will do my best to catch them as soon as possible”

We wish our injured players a fast recovery and further pleasant relaxation! Let’s go, Purples!




#9 Theophilus  Solomon