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Puskás Akadémia FC - Újpest FC
Puskás Akadémia Pancho Aréna, 2019. February 16. 17:00

Puskás Akadémia Pancho Aréna
2019. February 16. 17:00

Here are the prices of the tickets for the 2018/2019 season
2018. July 5. - ujpestfc.hu
The prices of the ticket and the season ticket were relevantly decreased, because our aim is that our players could play every game front of the full stands.

Our club is going to show kindness with discount prices to our purple-white fans for the next season. First, let’s see the important information:

- the price of the ticket was decreased for terrace A and tribune A

- the pre-emption ticket prices were decreased regarding every sector

- the price of the season tickets was decreased also

- we will start the season for stand D HUF 300 pre-emption ticket price*

- those fans, who had got season ticket in last year, they could buy the discounted season tickets (because of the closed gates matches). This action is only valid, if they give back the last year season ticket.

- in the future instead of the five highlighted matches, there will be approximately three games, when our fans must pay a little bit more for the tickets, because in the future those game will be more expensive, which will be appoint by the police as a high-risk category match.

It is an important change in connection with the season tickets, because of the relevant price deduction there won’t be any autumn and spring season ticket, therefore from now there will be only whole year season ticket. The sale of the season ticket will start next week, we will inform you about the cash desks opening hours in another article soon.

Regarding our first Europe League qualification game, the season tickets will be valid at the first round on the home game against Neftchi. Our purple-white fanatics need to calculate the prices of the tickets of the game on 19th of July as a high-risk category match.


Normal match

High-risk match

Season ticket



on the spot


on the spot

D stand

300 HUF

1.200 HUF

900 HUF

1.700 HUF

5.000 HUF

B terrace

800 HUF

1.600 HUF

1.100 HUF

2.100 HUF

13.000 HUF

A terrace

1.000 HUF

2.000 HUF

1.400 HUF

2.500 HUF

17.000 HUF

A tribune

1.200 HUF

2.400 HUF

1.500 HUF

2.900 HUF

20.000 HUF

student and retirement





200 HUF

VIP stand

10.000 HUF

12.000 HUF**

120.000 HUF

VIP inside box

200.000 HUF

300.000 HUF


VIP outside box

100.000 HUF

150.000 HUF



Who has got last year season ticket

Discounted season ticket
(because of the closed gates games)

D stand

400 HUF

B terrace

7.400 HUF

A terrace

9.200 HUF

A tribune

10.700 HUF

*if the association punishes our club because of the behavior of our fans, in that case the price of the pre-emption ticket will increase

**except our game against Ferencvárosi TC

Let’s be there as many people as possible on the stands of Szusza Ferenc Stadium in the 2018/2019 season and let’s yellow as loud as it possible the Let’s go Purples!




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