#9 Theophilus  Solomon
The Hungarian Cup starts for us on 22nd of September
2018. szeptember 12. - ujpestfc.hu
Our team can start its march to the title defense against Bátaszék.

In the 9th months of the year not just the school starts but also the Hungarian Cup competition series. Our purple-white team won its jubilee, 10th Cup victory last season and now it is going to start again the series to raise again the trophy.

The NB I related teams start the battles at the 128 table, our first opponent will be Bátaszék SE (and they will choose the pitch also). The city is in Tolna county and its team plays at the County I division, where after the 4th round they are on the 6th position at the championship table.

There will be one game for the teams to qualify themselves to the next round on the following way. If after 90 minutes the result is draw, there will come two times 15 minutes extra time, furthermore if it necessary the penalties could come.

Based on the Hungarian Football Association’s committee decision the match will be on 22nd of September at 15.00 o’clock at Bátaszék Sportegyesület Sport facility (address: 7140 Bátaszék, Malom utca. 1. 739/1 hrsz., Vicze János Városi Sportpálya).

You can buy ticket already at Bátaszék at the Uniqua office (Budai street 33) and at Bátmédia shop (Budai street 30).

The cash desks will open at 13.00 on match day on the above-mentioned places, which are approximately 500 meters away from the football pitch.

The price of the tickets is HUF 1 500, but under 14 years it is provided for free for the fans.

There won’t be any online ticket sales unfortunately, because in this case it is not necessary to give the name and other data to get ticket to the game.

You can park with your car in the city center, furthermore at the streets around the pitch, the organizers won’t appoint separate parking places for the guest fans.

Let’s go purples!




#9 Theophilus  Solomon