#27 Kovács Lóránt
Születési idő 1993. 06. 06.
We are waiting for you with open buffet gates before the derby
2018. szeptember 28. - ujpestfc.hu
On Saturday's afternoon before and during the gathering the stadium's cafeterias are open.

29th of September is a big day in the Hungarian football's life since the 2018/19 season's first derby held on the last Saturday of the 9th month of the year.

The match stages in the Groupama Arena and starts at 19:30. Our fandom can approach the stadium THIS way. 

While our fandom is waiting for the bus journey, they can consume from 16:00 until 18:15 in the A1, D1, D2 buffets in the stadium. The canteens are approachable from the Megyeri street's number 1 gate and through the ambulance entrance. You can check the exact ways above on the photo. 

We would like to draw attention to our fandom that in the stadium to step on the field is prohibited and it is forbidden to bring the purchased drinks and foods to the bus.

Tickets are sold out. 





#27 Kovács Lóránt