#11 Marko Filipovics
We beat the team of PAFC with combinative game
2018. október 8. - ujpestfc.hu
We won 2-0 against the Felcsút's team in the OTP Bank League's 10th round.

"I congratulate to my guys since they played an almost perfect game. I am happy, but not just because of the two goals, but because of the many created situations. From the first minute until the last one they played aggressive football, we were fast, and we did not give any chance to our guest to make any actions. I am very happy about Soma Novothny's goal, I know that there was a huge pressure on him, but I hope that his goal-making process will continue in the future" - evaluated the match Nebojsa Vignjevic, our head coach. 




#11 Marko Filipovics