#30 Vincent Onovo
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We prepare ourselves for the seventh victory against Mezőkövesd
2018. november 30. - ujpestfc.hu
We won against team from Borsod County two times in the last season.

We will visit Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC at Mezőkövesd Városi Stadium at 17.00 on 1st of December (you can find ticket information at HERE). We played nine championship games against team Kövesd, we won six times, there were two draws and one loss.

Club Mezőkövesd was established in 1975 and they have played for decades at Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County division. In the middle of the 90’s they qualified themselves to NB III, and after that they played first time in the second division in the 2007-2008 season (this time they also played against Ferencváros in the second division at the Eastern group) and they qualified themselves to the first division in 2013, in Summer.

Our team met first time with Mezőkövesd on 24th of August 2013. Although the first score of the two teams’ history was achieved by the team from Borsod – Menougong George scored it – at the end we won the game 6-1, from our team the scorers were: Krisztián Simon (2), Ahjupera Jarmo (2), and Tshibuabua Bavon and Péter Kabát also scored a goal.

In that time István Kozma and Lelievre Marc duo led Újpest FC, but on the spring game against Kövesd Vignjevic Nebojsa was our head coach. The result was 0-0 until the 89th minute, when Balázs Balogh scored our score, which was the only one on the match and we won 1-0 at away.

Team Kövesd fell out of the NB I at the end of the season, and two years later they came back to the first line, therefore next time we could meet with them in the spring season of 2016. This time the first division consists of 12 teams and had three rounds already, therefore in this season we played with them three times. Our success series continued, because at away thanks to Andric Nemanja and Diarra Souleymane scores we won 2-0.

This was the season, when we had to play our home games because of the renovation of our stadium at Vasas pitch – until the end of October. That was the date, when the construction work of Rudolf Illovszky Stadium started, therefore we had to move to Kecskemét. We hosted team Mezőkövesd on 26th of November at Széktói Stadium. Andric Nemanja took the lead for our team from a penalty, but this time we could not win, from the guest team Pauljevic Branko equalized the result, who now plays at Újpest FC (1-1).

In spring of 2017 we travelled to Kövesd and we won easily: Thanks to Andric Nemanja, Bardhi Enis and Benjámin Balázs scores we led 3-0, but at the end of the game from home team Bacelic-Grgic Stipe scored one goal, so the final result was 3-1 for us.

In the previous season we played three times against team Kövesd, two times at away and one time at home. In Autumn at Mezőkövesd the home team had the advantage more than 30 minutes long (thanks to Tamás Cseri’s score), but after that Patrik Tischler equalized the result and Soma Novothny scored a hat trick, therefore it was not a problem for us that Dominik Fotyik also scored a goal; we won with the final result 4-2!

After six championship games we were still undefeated against team from Kövesd, our balance was 5 victories and 1 draw.

In March 2018 we hosted team Kövesd at Szusza Ferenc Stadium. We played earlier a Hungarian Cup game in the middle of the week against Paks during an extremely cold weather circumstances, Mezőkövesd did not have this kind of obligation because they fell out from the Cup earlier, therefore their players were fresher on the pitch and because of this and other factors we suffered our first loss (and luckily the only one) from team Mezőkövesd. Soma Novothny took the lead for our team, Mlinar Frano equalized the result later, but thanks to Dániel Nagy’s score we had again the advantage. But in the last 30 minutes of the match from guest team Márk Koszta, a substituted player, scored two goals, therefore they won 3-2.  

We tried to forget this loss as soon as possible, and in May we entered on the pitch at Mezőkövesd with this concept: if we win, we could take a big step to achieve the bronze medal at the championship. A really tired, exhausted team travelled to the small city of Borsod County, because four days earlier we won after a 120 minutes long battle with penalty shoots against Puskás Akademie at the final of the Hungarian Cup, and after that started a joyful celebration…

The quality of the game at Kövesd was not in the sky, the most important thing was to win the match somehow. Thanks to Pauljevic Branko’s early score – tell the truth it was a lucky one – we won 1-0. One week later we won against DVSC also (2-1), therefore we won the bronze medal at the championship!  

In the 2018/2019 championship season firstly we met with the Saturday home team at the 5th round at Szusza Ferenc Stadium. The game did not start very-well for us, Szalai scored the first score on the match for team Kövesd, but a couple of minutes before the end of the game Donát Zsótér equalized the result and we shared the points with them.

Here we are against team Mezőkövesd took into consideration the games we played, and as we mentioned in the beginning of our article, from the nine championship games we won six times, there were two draws and one loss.

On 1st of December the stats could be with us, because we won all the five games at Mezőkövesd.

On the previous eight games there were 30 scores (this means average 3.3 scores per game), we scored 21, and 9 were scored by team Kövesd. We hope we could improve the total goal difference on Saturday evening and we could win seventh times against Mezőkövesd.

Let’s go Purples!




#30 Vincent Onovo