#5 Litauszki Róbert
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Ticket information, lambrequins and stadium entering related information for the cup game
2018. december 3. - ujpestfc.hu
Our team will visit Somogy County seat on 5th of December, on Wednesday to fight for the right to be the part of the best 16.

The game will start on Wednesday (5th of December) at 18.00 o’clock, the gates will open at 17.00. The opponent team is Kaposvár Rákóczi FC, the stadium is the Rákóczi Stadium (address: Kaposvár, Pécsi utca 4., 7400).

You can find details about this stage of the Cup competition series HERE.

The organizers gave us 432 available tickets, the price of them is unified HUF 1000/ticket. You cannot buy ticket in pre-emption this time online, but at the cash desks of Mildenberger street you can buy your ticket personally on Tuesday (4th of December) between 17.00 and 20.00.

In case of personal ticket purchase club card is not mandatory, but you need official personal identity document or the copy of it. More details are available about it HERE!

You can buy ticket personally at the Rákóczi Stadium also on 5th of December, the 2 guest cash desks will open at 17.00.

Information for fans regarding lambrequins

We would like to ask our fanatics to send their ideas until Tuesday lunch time (12.00, 4th of December) to the following e-mail address: biztonsag@ujpestfc.hu. Our professional staff could give permission regarding the lambrequins.




#5 Litauszki Róbert