#99 Lukács Dániel
Születési idő 1996. 04. 03.
New masseur at Megyeri road
2019. január 8. - ujpestfc.hu
Our professional staff got a new member.

József Kádár has got big routine because he started his profession 10 years ago. He worked first time at Kézdivásárhely and after that he worked for the futsal national team and at a team at NB I as well. “It was my childhood dream to be a masseur, because I can help other people and I could only hope to work at such a big club” – said József, who did not have problem with the integration, because it is not an unknow for him to be in a football locker room. “Everybody was very kind with me from the beginning all of them from the coaching staff to the kitmen as well”.

The preparation started at the club, we were interested in how the condition is of the guys: “The guys are very-well, did not seem on them they had two weeks holiday”.




#99 Lukács Dániel