#18 Bojan Sankovic
Születési idő 1993. 11. 21.
We remember of Kristóf Bánka
2019. január 8. - ujpestfc.hu
37 years ago, was born our own raised footballer, who died thirteen years ago, tragically.

Kristóf Bánka was born 37 years ago, on 8th of January 1982, Újpest’s own raised player, who died in February 2006 tragically because of a heart attack.

Kristóf Bánka was a member of those Újpest youth team which with Péter Juhász’s lead won a lot of different titles and after that he could wear the purple-white jersey at the adult team a little bit, in 2004 he was a member of our team, which won silver medal at the championships.

Újpest FC with together the family and Kristóf Bánka Foundation preserve the memories of our talented striker.

The primary goal of the foundation is to make the young talented Hungarian Újpest related amateur footballers’ dream true with financial and other support – who live in poverty line –  and to help them to achieve their dream to become in every aspect of the word a professional footballer.




#18 Bojan Sankovic