#4 Kire Ristevski
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Kisvárda Master Good - Újpest FC
2019. augusztus 24. 18:00

2019. augusztus 24. 18:00

We started our preparation matches with a victory!
2019. január 17. - ujpestfc.hu
We won 1-0 against Qarabağ FK, which team usually plays in Champions League and European League.

The weather was little bit windy during the match against the Azerbaijani team, which is on the second position at the championship table. The game started at 17.00 (Hungarian time zone 15.00) and our starting squad was the following:


We scored early the first goal on the game, in the 18th minute our number 86th forward scored a beautiful goal after a corner variation. For the second 45 minutes the master sent a total new team against the “home” squad, the substitutions were the following: Gundel-Kire-Tode (player in testing phrase)-Sanković-Nagy-Simon-Rossy-Lukács.

The result did not change in the remaining time, therefore the purple-white guys won with one goal the friendly game.

“It was our first game, who was in the squad, got opportunity to play at least 45 minutes on the pitch. We won the game, which is good news for us, at the same time at this phrase of the preparation you cannot ask or expect special game. As I mentioned before, I am happy we won today, but there are a lot works to do” – evaluated the game our head coach, Vignjevic Nebojsa.

The following footballers were not in the team today: Mijuško Bojović (muscle injury), Dženan Bureković (fortunately there is no serious problem with his calf, after a little rest, he can be in the team again), Marko Filipović, furthermore our goalkeeper, Filip Pajović (not injured).




#4 Kire Ristevski