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Kisvárda Master Good - Újpest FC
2019. augusztus 24. 18:00

2019. augusztus 24. 18:00

Dream dinner on Valenine day
2019. január 29. - ujpestfc.hu
You can be the king of Újpest and your girlfriend can be the Queen of Újpest and you can win the dream dinner on Valentine day at Szusza Ferenc Stadium.

Would you like to be a part of a dinner, where Péter Kabát and Jenő Rácz are going to make your food together for you and your love of your life in the purple-white sanctuary?

Romanticism, candle light, master chef, quite music, flower, a good wine and you and your partner. We would like to offer you these things on 14th of February.

What do you need to do to get this?

Buy at out official shop the Valentine day T-shirts for pairs, or personally at Megyeri road, when the cash desks are open, or on the match day of Újpest FC – Ferencvárosi TC on 9th of February. Take a photo with your love, upload the picture to Instagram with the following hashtag: #ujpestfcvalentin until midnight of 10th of February and you will get chance to win the aforementioned present at the VIP part of the Szusza Ferenc Stadium.

You can find the rules of this game at our official Facebook site.




#27 Kovács Lóránt