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2019. szeptember 28. 19:30

2019. szeptember 28. 19:30

We extended the contract of the coaching staff
2019. március 6. -
Our club still can rely on Vignjevic Nebojsa and his colleagues.

Today we extended the contract and our cooperation with our head coach, Vignjevic Nebojsa, with our assistant coach Jandric Nebojsa and with our fitness coach, Bogicevic Milos.

Our master told us the following after the signature: “It was not a surprise for me, we talked earlier more about the future and we made plans for it, I felt my job is not finished here, at Újpest, and I am very happy the club still believes me.”

We also asked about his plans: “My first dream is to play in Europe again in this season with the team, it would be really good to feel again we felt at our victory against Neftci or at the score against Sevilla. We have to do that again! The second is what every coach and fan really wants to, be a champion with Újpest.”