MOL Fehérvár FC - Újpest FC
2019. szeptember 28. 19:30

2019. szeptember 28. 19:30

Stadium tour at Újpest!
2019. március 12. -
Our club is going to open the gates of our stadium every Thursday when our team plays home game for everybody.

The Night of Football debuted in 2018, and we also joined it and one of our favorite programs was the stadium tour.

We thought, we should start this story again, therefore those people, who would like to make a dream to reality and watch the bench closer or take a photo at the locker room, for them here is the big opportunity.

We organize two tours for two groups on 14th of March (on Thursday) with maximum 20-20 participants from 16.30 and from 17.00 (one tour takes 30 minutes).

You can send your application here: (subject of the letter is Stadium tour)

Application deadline: 13th of March (Wednesday) 20.00 o’clock

Participation fee: HUF 1500, under 14 years old HUF 500 (you can pay on the spot), the fee includes the tour and a voucher for our next home game (Kisvárda) for B terrace (you can change your voucher to ticket at our cash desks).

Season ticket holders will get HUF 1000 voucher, with which they can buy anything they want at our buffets during home match days until the end of the spring season (in case of this, we cannot charge your voucher, you have to buy the whole amount on the spot).

If you miss this occasion for some reason, do not be sad, because we are going to organize same event on the first week of April as well.

Let’s go, purples!